Drums/ Barrels Degreasing Oven
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Drums/ Barrels Degreasing Oven
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This oven is specially designed for take up of washed drums/barrels from the degreasing m/c on supported angled conveyor. It is insulated oven 20 ft long ( as per customer requirement) the temperature range is 80 to 100 degree Celsius, is covered and insulated, rest of the portion is kept open for loading and un loading of drums/barrels on the conveyor. Which is running through the oven and it has a chamber with burner on the top and base ducting to circulate hot air uniformly to bake the oven line

and drums/barrels loaded inside the oven, it travels with the conveyor and when drums/barrels comes out from the oven. The water gets evaporate by the hot air circulation, leaving drums/barrels body completely dry for best addition for painting.


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