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This oven is specially designed for take up of raw biscuits from biscuits molder on cotton belt supported wire mesh. It is insulated oven, 105 feet to 300 feet long (as per customer requirement) the temperature range is 110 to 250 degree Celsius, is covered and insulated, rest of the portion is kept open for loading and unloading of biscuits on the wire mesh conveyor, which is running through the oven with two drum roller and it has a chamber with burner at the middle and base ducting to circulate hot air uniformly to bake the oven line and biscuit loaded

inside the oven, it travels with the wire mesh conveyor and when baked biscuits comes out from the oven. The biscuit gets baked perfectly in equal color and enter directly on cooling conveyor and after a cooling is ready for packing and delivery.


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